Seventy-year-old Woman Arrested for Distributing 'Nine Commentaries'

January 4, 2007 Updated: January 4, 2007

CHINA—Beijing police abducted a seventy-year-old woman Bo Yufang for distributing the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” and detained her for 68 days as of January 2. Eighty nine of her relatives, neighbors and friends issued a statement of protest on the Falun Gong Minghui website.

According to a Minghui report on January 2, the neighborhood committee cadre from Beijing police and Air Force Equipment & Technology Research Institute searched Bo's house and illegally abducted the 72-year-old lady on October 26, 2006. Police claimed that Bo is a Falun Gong leader and she displayed anti-revolutionary materials in a farm produce market while shopping for groceries.

There are five members in Bo's family. Her husband is nearly 80 years old, weak and often sick and needs Bo's care. Before practicing Falun Gong, Bo was known as “a medicine pot,” often sick and in need of help all day long. Since she started practicing Falun Gong, her health improved day by day. Not only was she no longer dependent on people, she was able to do the laundry, cooking and take care of her husband. Even her former boss said: “How come this 'medicine pot' no longer claims any medical expenses?”

Bo's neighbors felt it was very ridiculous that police have abducted her, once they learned about her arrest. They found it unbelievable that someone like her would “break the law,” and it is indeed hard to imagine which law she had broken.

Later on the neighbors learned that the so-called “anti-revolutionary material” displayed was the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. A neighbor said: “This material can be found everywhere on the streets now, there are few who don't know about it? Don't the authorities talk about ” freedom of speech?” Even the constitution stipulates that Chinese citizens have 'freedom of speech.' The Communist Party is so rotten you cannot find any decency in the party officials. How come they dare not allow people to talk about their despicable deeds?”

For this reason, 89 of Bo's relatives, neighbors and friends jointly announced that they “strongly protest against the Beijing police's illegal house searching and abduction of Bo, especially the illegal detention. They strongly request for an immediate and unconditional release!” To avoid persecution by the Chinese Communist Party,, these people did not sign on the statement of protest.