Sensei Raj: Shen Yun ‘Absolutely phenomenal, transformational’

March 25, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
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The Kennedy Centre (The Epoch Times)

WASHINGTON—Sensei Raj attended Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Kennedy Centre on March 21. Mr. Raj has traveled the depths of the sea and some of the world’s tallest mountains. He is a handwriting expert, leadership coach, has won gold and bronze medals at the USATF 2011 National Masters Track and Field Championships, and has taught martial arts for 26 years, leading India twice in two world championships.

Mr. Raj, who is launching an international organization called International Organization for Sustainable Communities and Leadership said the performance was “absolutely phenomenal, transformational.”

New York-based Shen Yun is the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company with a mission to revive the 5,000 of traditional Chinese culture, which has all but been destroyed by six decades of Chinese Communist Party rule.

Shen Yun’s website says, “the deeper spiritual core of the ancient culture, with its values of benevolence, honor, propriety, wisdom, and sincerity, as well as a reverence for the gods and the heavens, cannot be destroyed.”

Mr. Raj said to describe the show he had to “go dig deep down into the essence of human values” and “that’s exactly what this show is all about,” he said.

“It is not just a superficial show for entertainment; entertainment is at the superficial level,” he added.

Mr. Raj was deeply struck and transformed by the performance. “Deep down, when you relax, when you let go, when you dig into your own deep essence and go with the flow of the key of all the performaners, then you know what is missing within you, within your life, in this society and the world,” he said.

Mr. Raj said he thinks that is human values and “every person needs to ask themselves, what is my true essence, what is it that I can contribute to the society?”

He said families should come together and “it is time to break down the borders and barriers. It is time to transcend our own barriers so we can live as one, with true human values. That’s what this society today needs.”

Mr. Raj said that superficial smiles should be hidden and the true smile from within should come out.

“That radiant light … is exactly what Shen Yun is all about,” he said. According to Mr. Raj, “that radiant light,” will transform everyone who sees the show.

“If you want to be transformed, live empowered, [then] cancel your assignments, pick your evening, and come and watch Shen Yun and be transformed,” said Mr. Raj.

Reporting by NTD Television and Kelly Ni.

Shen Yun Performing Arts, based in New York, tours the world on a mission to revive traditional Chinese culture. Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company will perform at The Kennedy Center Opera House, Washington, D.C., through April 1.

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