Senior Cadre Reveals CCP Turned Captives Into Human Specimens

November 6, 2005 Updated: August 21, 2015

On November 4, The Epoch Times editorial department received a letter that was signed by “a senior cadre.” The letter revealed that officials in Bai Qiuen University of Medical in Changchun City in Jilin Province turned Kuomingtang (KMT) captives into human specimens in Taiyuan City. Below is the letter in its entirety:

In 1949, after the Communist army took over Taiyuan, Geng Yugui, an army official and the then political commissar of Huabei Medical School located at Shijaizhuang City, wanted to find human specimens for the school. He asked the army troop in Taiyuan for a group of KMT captives, approximately 200 [as reported] healthy and strong young men.

Geng secretly organized a team to give each captive a “physical exam.” One by one, the captives were summoned and administered a virulent shot that instantly killed them. The bodies were then immediately hidden away, with no one the wiser. One of the captives, a commander, noticed that not one of those who were summoned came back and so he became suspicious. He made an excuse and tried to escape. He hid in a nearby wheat field but was later recaptured and met the same fate as his fellow comrades. The group of captives all became human specimens. The school later relocated from Shijiazhuang to Changchun via Tianjing and after several name changes, it is now called Bai Qiuen Univeristy of Medical. The bodies also moved with the school to Changchun.

The evil CCP often lies to the public, saying that it treats captives well, upholds humanity, heals the wounded and rescues the dying. Yet it cold bloodedly turned young captives into human specimens and had absolutely no regard for the human life. They knew that if their crimes were revealed, the consequences would be huge, so all those who were involved were threatened with their lives to keep it an utmost secret. For the next two years, no one else knew about it.

That is, until 1951, when during the “Three Anti Campaign,” during a time when forced confessions were the norm, the head of School Affairs was tortured until he finally revealed the story in a signed statement. The school was at that time already known for such behavior, so no one took much notice.

Nevertheless, it was a major crime and top officials wanted to execute one or two of the main culprits. In a plea for his life, Geng wrote a letter to Mao Zedong, the late Communist Party leader. In his letter, Geng mentioned the long March he had followed with Mao and that even though he had not earned any merits of his services, he had worked under hard conditions for Mao. Geng defended his actions by saying that it was part of his job. Consequently, Geng was only punished by being demoted to be a soldier with the army troops. The other major culprits were disciplined within the Party. As the incident took place during the “Three Anti Campaignt,” no one was clear about the details of the crime. After several decades, the gruesome truth is only now being brought to light.

Below is a list of the major persons responsible (military establishment) at Huabei Medical School at the time:

Qian Xinzhong – School principal and Health Minister of North China Military Area Command
Geng Yugui – Political commissar
Shi Xiuzhi – Vice-Political commissar
Chen Qiyuan – Dean of the Department of Education
Kang Ke – Head of Educational Administration Department
Chi Fuyuan – Deputy head of Educational Administration Department

A senior cadre October 18, 2005