Selena Gomez Leaked Photos on Tumblr, Instagram? Racy Pictures Not Famous Singer, Representative Says

Leaked pictures that allegedly show Selena Gomez topless, taken from her cell phone, are actually not the famous singer, a representative says.

The photos started circulating online and prompted notorious celebrity website Hollywood Life to publish an article that claimed evidence indicated that the photos did show Gomez.

“There are a lot of similarities between the topless girl and Selena herself. As pointed out in the set of photos from Tumblr user lakalel33, the topless girl has the same moles on her chest that Selena does! Of course, this could all be the work of some very clever (and mean-spirited) Photoshopper,” it said.

“However, another important note — and something more difficult to Photoshop — is the shape of the topless girl’s lips. Like Selena, the girl has a very distinct, almost non-existent bow to her very full top lip. She also appears to have the same rounded shape to her jaw that Selena does.”

The photos were published on Tumblr and Instagram.

The website also claimed that the pictures could have originally been meant for Justin Bieber, since they reportedly sent racy pictures to each other while they were still together.

But a representative told Gossip Cop that the rumor is just a rumor and that the girl in the pictures is not Gomez.

“Not her,” a representative said.

Gossip Cop also said that “The photos are old—one online gallery including them was posted 11 months ago—and pretty much everything from the topless woman’s arms to her chin to her hair to her jawline to her breasts do NOT match Gomez’s own attributes.”

It added: “If HollywoodLife cared about accuracy, it wouldn’t haven’t posted its headline, Selena Gomez: Topless Photos Leaked — Allegedly Of Her or given any credence to these photos.”

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