Security Issues at Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant

August 14, 2015 Updated: August 17, 2015

I have officially requested a letter of explanation as to why the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) does not require nor suggest that Seabrook Nuclear Plant owners, Florida Power and Light (FPL), either take down the unmanned security booth or find some money in Seabrook Station’s budget to man it! Former owner, Public Service Company of New Hampshire thought it wise to have someone stationed at this booth.

NRC is supposed to protect the safety of the people by being the “so-called” watchdog instead of continuing to be the rubber stamp to the wishes of the nuclear industry. While recently visiting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I thought: shouldn’t the NRC do everything in their Federal power to prevent the likes of what happened in the killing of 4 unarmed marines?

Instead, the NRC waits till extremists, wishing to make a name, decide to challenge the present irresponsible situation at Seabrook Station’s unmanned security booth. Why doesn’t the NRC at least try to prevent one of Seabrook’s security guards from getting killed?

Unbelievable, but not surprising. I first brought this to the attention to the NRC and to Seabrook Station in an official complaint on Nov. 6, 2014. The thanks I got for alerting FPL was to be notified by the Seabrook Police that I am no longer allowed or welcomed on FPL’s property for at least a year. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to drop off We The People’s (WTP) nuclear safety concerns to Seabrook Station’s educational office to keep their visitors informed.

I have given this information and others of our troubling safety concerns, including the fact that there is a gag order on the Massachusetts State Police and New Hampshire National Guard so they will not be allowed to voice their opinion on whether Seabrook Nuclear Plant’s evacuation plan can be effectively implemented during the summer months including July 4.

All of this information I have given first hand to Massachusetts Governors Charlie Baker and New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan. I have also notified and met personally with New Hampshire Speaker of the House, Shawn Jasper and his Chief of staff, Terence R. Pfaff. In addition, I met with Kristy Merrill, Chief of Staff to President of the New Hampshire Senate, Chuck Morse. I have also met or contacted the staff of all the New Hampshire Senators along with many of the Massachusetts and New Hampshire House of Representatives, U.S Senators Jeanie Shaheen and Edward Markey.

However, as of this date, I have yet to get an official reply to WTP’s safety concerns.

The only courageous elected officials so far who have responded officially to WTP’s concerns have come from Massachusetts Senator Bruce Tarr and Rep. Bradford Hill. Both of these men have responded officially to WTP’s concerns. WTP has contacted all of the Presidential candidates, but only Donald Trump has responded.

I do not agree with all of Mr. Trump’s views. However, I do agree with his statement about the press, “65% of the press are dishonest.” Except for some community newspapers, most of the press including Mr. Henry’s Boston Globe and Fox has turned a blind eye to WTP’s nuclear safety concerns. Journalist Creed States: “Suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible.”

Does one have to run for President of the United States in order to get some attention on these important issues?

Do not put it past me.

Stephen B. Comley Sr. is the founder of We The People (WTP), a national whistleblower non-profit organization.

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