2nd Suspect Charged in Attack on Pittsburgh Teacher Janice Watkins

October 24, 2017 Updated: October 27, 2017

Pittsburgh Police have charged a second person who is accused of attacking a teacher after following her.

Vincent Beasley, who is the boyfriend of suspect Daishonta Williams, will reportedly turn himself in on Tuesday, Oct. 24. He’s facing charges of aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, and stalking, WPXI reported.

Police say Beasley and Williams targeted Janice Watkins, who teaches at the King pre-K-8 school. Watkins took away Williams’ daughter’s cellphone at school, which has a strict no-phone policy.

The children of Watkins told media outlets that the daughter allegedly bit her during the confrontation over her cellphone. Then, she had a parent-teacher conference, and, according to her family members, Williams threatened Watkins.

Williams and Beasley are accused of following the teacher home from school before attacking her with a brick and beating her. Watkins was hospitalized with a broken tooth and head pain.

Daishonta Williams, 29, allegedly attacked a teacher in Pittsburgh. (Pittsburgh Police)

Beasley “pulled her head back by yanking her hair,” police told WXPI. “The male did then join in on the attack, using kicks and punches to the body and face of Ms. Watkins,” according to the criminal complaint.

An attorney for Beasley says that he didn’t assault Watkins, and he pulled “them apart to stop them from a fight.” Williams also allegedly told her, “I told you I was gonna get you.”

Williams is facing aggravated assault, stalking, terroristic threats, and reckless endangerment charges.

When Williams was asked about the attack, she said, “I ain’t going to lie, I did it,” according to the complaint, as Triblive.com reported. She said she didn’t throw a brick at her.

The family of Watkins is telling a different story.

“She said, ‘I put my window down, and the woman threw a brick through my window,’ and hit her in her face,” said Betty Davis, who is Watkins’ mother, CBS reported. “And that’s when she said, so-and-so ‘I told you that I would get you,’ and [Watkins] said, ‘When I got out of that car,’ she said, ‘I didn’t realize it was two other people,’ she said, but she felt something hit her in the back, and it was two men.”

“My heart goes out to the child because what has that mother taught that child? Whatever it is, you solve it with violence,” Davis said.

During the initial parent-teacher conference, Williams threatened Watkins in front of other school staffers, her family told WXPI, but they didn’t do anything about it until after the attack.

The family alleges that Williams told her, “I’m going to get you,” during the meeting.

The husband said that Watkins had to go to another hospital after suffering headaches and concussion-like symptoms.

He’s “sad and disappointed that people would go to such lengths against another human being over something so petty,” CBS reported. “I think she can teach again, but she definitely should look for another place to go teach,” said the husband.