Seattle Woman Who Raised $400K for Breast Cancer Research Might Have Lied About Illness

February 2, 2016 Updated: February 2, 2016

A Seattle woman who helped raise $400,000 for breast cancer research may have lied about having the disease, according to reports.

KOMO News reported that Tracy Dart, who raised funds for foundation Susan G. Komen for the Cure, has been criticized for allegedly lying about three different cancer spells. According to KING5 TV, Dart may have also pocketed some of the cash for herself.

A Volkswagen dealership owner who was a partner of Dart in her charity work told KOMO-TV that someone from her “Team Tracy” told him Friday that she never had cancer.

“The first words were, ‘Tracy doesn’t have cancer,'” said Matthew Welch with Auburn Volkswagen. And he replied, “‘Hooray, she’s cured.'”

“‘No, she’s never had cancer’ were the second words,” he added. “It just blew our mind.”

Officials in Susan G. Komen’s Puget Sound, Washington, said they’ve been in contact with Dart’s family after learning she wasn’t diagnosed with the illness.

Later, national Susan G. Komen spokesperson Andrea Rader told KING5 that “it appears that she (Tracy) has not been treated for cancer at all.”

The Dart family hasn’t confirmed the allegation, but they spoke with KING 5 News in saying they’ve retained an attorney.

“We are sad for Tracy and her family and hope that she, and they, will find healing in the days ahead. The Team Tracy community has been a steadfast supporter of our mission to end breast cancer since 2006,” spokesperson Christi Ball Loso told the New York Daily News in an email. “This money has been used as intended—for Komen’s research and community health programs.”

Her Team Tracy Facebook page and the We Heart Tracy Dart Facebook page and Brand Baby company page on Facebook were apparently taken down, the West Seattle Herald reported.

Dart’s Twitter page hasn’t been updated since July. It reads, “3x breast cancer survivor. Seattle 3 Day Walker. Copywriter. Fundraiser. Guilty of singing in the car. Lover of Orange Tic Tacs. Pro laughter & pancakes.” 

The crime is not uncommon, as several days ago, a Georgia woman was accused of felony forgery and a misdemeanor charge for theft after allegedly lying about being diagnosed with cancer.