Seahawks Player Is Caught Taunting Police Officer

December 19, 2017 Updated: December 19, 2017

Seattle Seahawks rookie defensive lineman Malik McDowell was caught on camera taunting a female police officer while he was in handcuffs.

TMZ posted the video online, and it shows him being handcuffed by an officer while the female officer stood nearby.

McDowell screamed at the cop, saying: “Are you scared of me?” He added: “Why is you a cop then?”

He also yelled an expletive at the female officer several times. “I got money. That’s why I can talk,” he then said.

He then goes on to say that the officers will never make as much money as him.

“Hey, they’re trying to plant some [expletive] on me!” he said, before he implores them to put him in jail “so I can bond out.”

The video can be viewed below (Warning: graphic content):


McDowell, 21, was arrested after he allegedly “flipped out at a club in a dispute over money,” TMZ said.

He was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia, after a police officer said she saw him in a verbal dispute outside a club.

McDowell was yelling at the “head of security about $600 he believed he’d already paid,” the report stated. It added that he was allowed back inside the club.

“The arresting officer says he was kicked out again … still shouting about the money, and refusing to leave without it. The cop says she was told McDowell poured out a couple bottles of liquor inside and got booted,” said the report.

As police were putting him in the back of the squad car, he unleashed a profanity-laced tirade, saying, “I bet I get out, I got more money than ya’ll, ya’ll ain’t got enough money for me.”

McDowell was nearly pepper sprayed and tased.

He was taken in for disorderly conduct before he was released on $325 bond.

A Seahawks spokesman told the Seattle Times on Sunday afternoon that team had no comment on his arrest.


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