Scuba Tanks Ring for Peace

Cylinders must pass hydrostatic testing every five years. The dive industry promulgated standards to visually inspect the interior of Scuba tanks every year for rust, corrosion or valve cracks. Hydrostatic tests are the same tests required by the Department of Transportation for all gas cylinders as well as fire extinguishers filled to high pressures with compressed air and gasses.

What happens to them when they fail to pass inspection? The tanks are condemned and end up as scrap. Keys to Peace, a 501-c-(3) non-profit organization began a program dubbed Sounds of Peace Bells to make bells out of old Scuba cylinders. Dive shops and individuals contribute cylinders that no longer can be filled under high pressure.

The bottoms are then cut off and the tanks sand-blasted. They are primed and painted by Florida artists. The tanks are then clear-coated by a local auto body shop. The valve stem is drilled to suspend them at the top and clappers installed. The finished tanks are suspended on hand made wooden frames.

What kind of sound is produced when the peace bells are rung? Melodious. No two tanks sound the same. Depending on where the tank has been cut off at the bottom, the tone changes. The most recent peace bell was made for Prana, a new store in Key Largo, Florida. Wayne Scaturro painted the bell. The work is called ‘Illuminating the Path.’ It depicts a lighthouse.

“We just got it a week ago. We wanted a lighthouse. The purpose of Prana, we are here as a beacon for peace. For people to find their way. We offer different avenues for people to find inner peace,” Myan Armbruster, Prana’s business manager, said. She described their meditation room, yoga, programs and community services.

Describing designs on the back of the bell, Myan explained, “It is the flower of life. It represents creation of the universe. This is the infinity symbol over and over again inter-connected. It is the tree of life.”

Of intricate painted calligraphy Myan said, “This is the Ohm symbol. It is a vibration frequency. Everyone vibrates Ohm. When people do it together it is a balancing sound.”

‘Ohm mani padme ohm’ is a Tibetan mantra chant translated ‘Jewel in lotus.’ The lotus flower depicted on the peace bell symbolizes that there is always beauty inside.

For more information about the program go to To see the newest bell stop by Prana at 99201 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037. They can be reached at 305-922-2935 or visit