Screen Appeal: The Benefits of Adding a Screen Room to Your Home

By Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson
July 25, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home, or simply want to create some extra space for your growing family, a screen room is an excellent option.

Screen rooms offer a number of benefits, particularly when compared to other popular home improvement options, such as building a sun room. Here are just a few reasons why screen rooms are such a great idea to add serious value and space to your home.

 What is a screen room?

 A screen room is, quite simply, a room with a roof, which is enclosed by screening (often aluminum). Unlike a sun room, which is fully blocked off from the elements with glass, a screen room acts as a screened living space and doesn’t shut out the natural elements.

 The Advantages of building a screen room

  1. Extra space, without the cost. If you’re looking to invest in an extension of some kind, then you’ll probably already be aware that your options include purchasing a sun room (with glassed in windows) or opting for a screen room. There is a significant difference in cost, and ultimately, little advantage to having glass over screening! In most cases, screen rooms work out as being around half the price of sun rooms, in some cases, even less.

  1. Added comfort in the warmer months. A common complaint of people who choose to build a sun room instead of a screen room is that they get too hot in the summer months. The glassed windows act as a greenhouse to the hot rays of the sun, trapping in heat and often rendering the room completely unusable. However, those who select a screen room instead often comment on the comfort that exposure to the natural elements can bring, as breezes are allowed to filter through the room and heat is not trapped inside.

  1. Benefit from being outdoors, without being exposed to the sun. In the heat, it’s sometimes not too appealing to sit outside in the garden, exposing yourself to the risk of sunburn and heatstroke. A screen room can offer the benefits of being outside, without sitting in the direct force of the summer sun.

  1. Versatility. A screen room can be a very versatile structure. You can use it as a covered porch area, as a comfortable, natural living space, or even as an enclosure in which to surround your swimming pool or hot tub.

Done well, your screen room can give your house real curb appeal, providing your home with some much needed extra space and giving you and your family an area that is versatile and pleasant to be in when the temperature heats up outside.

Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson