Scott MacIntyre Names Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in Lawsuit

January 29, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Scott MacIntyre, the ex-boyfriend of Rob Ford’s sister, is suing Ford.

The lawsuit comes after a judge ruled that MacIntyre was beaten in prison because he was a “bother” to the mayor, reported the Toronto Star. 

MacIntyre’s lawyer Dennis Morris confirmed to reporters on Wednesday that Rob Ford is one of multiple defendants in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that MacIntyre was beaten in jail by a man named Aedan Petros to keep quiet about Ford’s drug use. Petros is a 300-pound violent criminal who played defensive tackle on a football team that Ford used to coach. Petros is also named in the lawsuit.

The beating came after weeks of veiled threats from inmates, MacIntyre told The Globe and Mail.

“They wanted to know if I was going to do the right thing – was I going to keep my mouth shut,” he said.

They said things to him such as “there is no use in bringing Rob into this; what’s done behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.”

Another perspective comes from Justice Paul French, who last year said that the beating of MacIntyre, a longtime drug addict, was a case of “so-called ‘jailhouse justice.’” 

MacIntyre pled guilty to uttering death threats and possession of drugs, and attempting to break a court order that prohibited him from communicating with both the mayor and the mayor’s sister, Kathy Ford.

MacIntyre broke into Rob Ford’s home on January 11, 2012.

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