Scott Caan: Paul Walker ‘Always made the people around him feel special’

December 5, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Scott Caan said that late actor Paul Walker “always made the people around him feel special.”

Caan starred with Walker in Varsity Blues and Into the Blue.

“Friend meant brother to Paul. If you knew him for 10 minutes or for 20 years you understood there was something unique about him,’ Caan told Deadline. “Whatever specific special quality you picked up when sitting with him, whether it be his warmth, kindness, or his smile that made you feel like you were the only other human on the planet.

“Nothing will stand out more for the rest of my life than Paul’s honesty. No matter how successful Paul became, his dedication to being unchanged, and not to be pushed even slightly away from who he was and what he stood for never wavered. A friend, father, son, and brother that loved, smiled, and enjoyed his life. I loved this man with all my heart. I’m floored, I’m angry, and this is not fair; but he will be in my heart forever. All my love to the Walker family.”

Caan added to Entertainment Weekly that he and Walker always had a competition thing going while filming Into the Blue.

We’d be like ‘alright who can dive deeper.’ I remember we were diving and he had a problem clearing his ears when we were doing the movie because he had some sinus troubles and sure enough a month after the movie wrapped he called me and was like ‘I just went 120 feet with no tank.’ I grew up that way… the way you were with guys was one-upping each other. We clicked so much immediately when we met. It was like ‘I do this’ and he’s like ‘alright I’m going to do this.’ Or, ‘I’m gonna run all my patterns in the movie and I’m going to catch every pass without a double.’ Same thing.”

Walker died on November 30 after the car he was riding in crashed.

Roger Rodas, a friend of Walker’s and fellow racer and car enthusiast, was driving the car. He also perished.


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