School Wall Collapses in China, Killing One and Injuring Two

By Shang Yanhua, Epoch Times
October 8, 2013 Updated: October 8, 2013

One boy died and two are still in critical condition after a wall collapsed at a school in Hubei Province.

The incident occurred on Sept. 28 in the boys’ toilets at the Panlong Elementary School in Huquan Village of Beichu Township in Yuanshi County. Of the two boys who survived, one suffered multiple fractures, and the other has liver damage.

An anonymous source told Shijiazhuang News that an exam had been scheduled at the school that day, and many boys went to use the bathroom beforehand at around 8a.m. The source added: “Perhaps because there were so many students, some boys were pushed against the wall, but unexpectedly it suddenly collapsed on them.” 

The school authorities immediately initiated a rescue. Police and a medical team arrived quickly, and sent the three boys to the Yuanshi County Hospital, but one died in hospital at around 10 a.m.

The 10-year-old boy who suffered liver damage was transferred to the Second Hebei Provincial Hospital. His mother, grandmother, and uncle traveled to the hospital to be with him, and were very upset. 

The mother, Sun Li, told the reporter: “He is our only child. His father is a truck driver in Inner Mongolia. We are afraid to tell him, in case he becomes too anxious to drive safely.” 

Her son is in the 4th grade in Panlong Elementary. 

“Because he is too weak to talk, we don’t know exactly what happened,” she added.

The director of Yuanshi Education Department, Mr. Gu, told the media that an investigation has started, but hung up after the reporter asked about the injured boys. The reporter then tried calling the school principal, Mr. Zhou, but the person who answered claimed it was a wrong number and also hung up.

Written in English by Cassie Ryan.