School Attacks in China’s Hainan Province

May 20, 2010 Updated: May 20, 2010

|Video Courtesy of NTDTV |

|Video Courtesy of NTDTV |

China was shocked by another attack on school students on May 19 when as many as six men entered a college dormitory in Hainan Province brandishing knives.

The men went into to the 2403 dormitory in Hainan Institute of Science and Technology at around 2:30 a.m. on May 19. They attacked whomever they came into contact with. Nine students were in the dormitory at the time. Consequently, seven were injured and two seriously, with one student’s hand being severed according to a report by

After the assault, the attackers went straight to the security office and put a knife to the security guard’s throat. They also smashed the surveillance monitor.

There was blood on the floor, walls, and the door of 2403 dormitory. A blanket soaked with blood was left at the entrance door of the building. There was also a bloody shirt hanging on a tree near the door. A 32-foot-long blood trail could be traced from the road in front of building all the way to the inside, according to the same report.

Five students are currently being treated in the Qiongshan Hospital. Two severely wounded students were sent to the Haikou City Hospital.

The Epoch Times called both hospitals and was told that students were being treated for bone injuries in the Qiongshan Hospital and the other two were undergoing surgery. Their lives were not in danger.

One student who lived in the dormitory said they did not know the men, except that they argued with someone when they were out eating at midnight on May 19, according to

The recent upsurge in school killing has shocked Chinese society. Chinese parents, in particular, worry about their children’s safety. Schools and kindergartens in big cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou have started taking measures to strengthen school security.

In Guangzhou, police were seen patrolling with police dogs at entrances to many schools. Many schools and kindergartens in Shanghai are installing security monitoring systems. Photos of police equipped with submachine guns patrolling at a school entrance in the capital city of Changsha, Hunan Province on May 12 were posted on Some schools and kindergartens in Beijing have stocked up on tear gas canisters and cut-proof gloves.

The Chinese communist party's Wen Jiabao, admitted on May 13 that the frequent violence indicated conflicts existed on a deeper level in Chinese society and have gradually intensified.

However, social and economic commentator He Qinglian thinks differently. The frequent school killings are the result of long and accumulated atrocities, she wrote in a recent article. “From the end of the last century, China has increasingly been turning into a society with no laws. The violent crimes committed by the government in the name of law enforcement are no less barbaric than mafia crimes, with people often beaten to death by city administration officials and police.”

"The land acquisition process in rural areas degenerates into battles between villagers and local armed forces. Forced demolition in the urban areas is met with desperate and violent resistance and is crushed with even greater violence." she said.

She also says that the Chinese regime has degenerated into a political group that serves itself and pursues self-interest. The entire society has therefore turned into a society where winners take all.

“Tyrannical rule will only breed violent mobs. Just like there’s no bottom line when the government resorts to political violence, those members at the bottom of society also do not a have moral bottom line,” she said.