School Administrator Put on Leave After Accusations of Chasing and Grabbing a Female Student

December 9, 2017 Updated: December 9, 2017

A public school administrator is accused of chasing down and grabbing a student after she allegedly threw a piece of trash out of a school bus window, striking the administrator’s car, reports NBC.

Mark Fossett, Associate Superintendent of Prince George’s County Public Schools, is on administrative leave, school officials told NBC reporters, and an investigation is underway to determine the man’s fate.

A female student at Wise High School in Upper Marlboro was on her way to school on a bus when she allegedly she threw an item out of a window.

Fossett happened to be driving behind the bus.

“Some material was thrown out of a bus window,” PGCPS spokesman John White told NBC, “and landed on the car of the administrator.”

Fossett followed the bus, got on, and tried to confront the person responsible.

Sources told NBC that the superintendent was yelling when he got on the bus and was confronted by a security guard, who demanded that the man identify himself.

The girl suspected of throwing the trash out of the bus window fled through the back door of the bus, according to sources known to NBC. Fossett then reportedly pursued the girl into the schoolyard and grabbed her arm.

The superintendent denies grabbing the student’s arm, NBC says.

The student reported the incident to the school authorities, sparking an investigation.

“We expect all of our administrators to behave professionally,” said White, “which is why we’re investigating.”

Epoch Times Photo
Wise High School in Upper Marlboro, where the incident allegedly took place. (Screenshot from Google Maps)

School officials have placed Fossett on paid leave and may take further steps once the outcome of the investigation is known.

“We’re investigating so that we have all the correct information,” White told NBC reporters. “We’ve met with the parents, the child involved, and the administrator, to make sure that appropriate action is taken.”

A letter was reportedly sent to parents by the school’s principal Byonka Gregory saying that “an incident” had occurred causing a school bus delay, but gave no details about what happened.

It is reported that Fossett has not responded to a request from NBC reporters for information about the incident.

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