Scholar Comments on Controversy in Virginia County Over Critical Race Theory

By Michael Cozzi
Michael Cozzi
Michael Cozzi
July 2, 2021 Updated: July 2, 2021

News Analysis

On June 22, two parents were arrested in Loudon County, Virginia, at a school board meeting, for allegedly objecting too boisterously to the county’s teaching of critical race theory, the latest incident in an ongoing controversy. One activist says the Virginia county is “ground zero” for the efforts to roll back the teaching of the theory in the nation’s schools.

Joseph Johnston Jr., author of “The Decline of Nations: Lessons for Strengthening America at Home and in the World,” and a resident of Alexandria, spoke with The Epoch Times about critical race theory.

“Right here in Loudon County, our schools are being taken over by critical race theory, which is a baffling theory that holds that white people are inherently racist and maintain their economic and political power by oppressing people of color. This is being taught in schools today, and it’s false and divisive.

“When people get involved in their local school boards, they can prevent this stuff from happening. What you’re seeing is when people don’t get involved with their local governments, then this kind of stuff tends to creep in and destroy our values.”

Johnston believes that the whole premise of critical race theory is fundamentally skewed toward an inaccurate rendition of the American political and legal traditions.

“It’s very unfortunate that our whole culture has been infected with this politically correct dogma that our society is systematically racist and that all issues must be seen through the prism of race. It is divisive and wrong to promote a system that espouses the premise: when someone creates a point of view that runs contrary to the narrative; then, they must be considered a racist.

“Seeing everything through race is abhorrent and inaccurate and really should stop. Senator Tim Scott challenged critical race theory, and we need more politicians like that around.”

“Children don’t just absorb our country’s values directly; they have to be taught moral values. They aren’t being taught them or the Constitution, so there is no way for them to know it.

“In many schools nowadays, the teachers use excuses not to teach, and there has been a lapse of standards. When teachers’ unions and activists obstruct the school system, and we don’t enforce educational standards, then they win.”

Michael Cozzi
Michael Cozzi