Scam: ‘You Probably Don’t Want to See What Is Inside His Hand’

December 23, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A bogus Facebook post that’s currently being shared–titled “You Probably don’t want to see what is inside his hand”–is fake and can spread malware.

The fake post shows someone poking at a sore with a play button over it. However, there’s no actual video and just leads to a website that can trick users into giving access to their Facebook accounts.

According to security blog Online Threat Alerts, the post also can attempt to trick users into installing malware on their computers.

Here’s what the whole post says: “You Probably don’t want to see what is inside his hand! “This is totally disgusting”! – Best Vine This man together with her Gf revealed what is inside his Hand and this is totally disgusting.”

“If you click on the Facebook post, you will be asked to give their fraudulent Facebook applications access to your account. These applications will sent this same scam to all of your Facebook friends and access your publicly available Facebook information, if you give them access to your Facebook account,” notes Online Threat Alerts.

The page is designed to make money for the scammers via affiliate marketing schemes.

Says Hoax-Slayer:

After a scam Page has accumulated a large number of likes, the scammers may then run more bogus giveaways. But, this time, as well as liking and sharing, the scammers will trick users into clicking a link that takes them to suspect online survey websites. Supposedly, participating in a survey is a condition of entry for the prize draw. But, again, there is no prize and no winners.

The scammers will earn money via dodgy affiliate marketing schemes each time one of their victims supplies their personal information via a survey.

Alternatively, the scammers may use their now much more popular Page to launch other types of scams, promote websites, or market products and services.