Scam: ‘Amber Rose & Nick Cannon Tape Leaked After Wiz Khalifa Divorce’ on Facebook

February 4, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

A Facebook scam that’s going around, titled “Amber Rose & Nick Cannon [Sex] Tape Leaked After Wiz Khalifa Divorceee,” shouldn’t be shared or clicked on.

The scam post has crude image that features a YouTube “play” button superimposed over it.

However, when one clicks on the post, you’ll just be taken to a bunk webpage that asks people to share it first before going anywhere.

According to Online Threat Alerts: “This scam lures persons to the fake website by promising to show them a video of a Amber Rose in a compromised position with Nick Cannon. But, there is no video on the website.”

It adds: “If you are asked to share, ‘like’, complete surveys in order to view a video, picture or other content, is the first sign that you are being tricked or scammed. You do not need to do any of these things in order to view any content on Facebook and the rest of the internet.”

Recently, Facebook announced it would try to clean up users’ newsfeeds.

Hoax-Slayer, a website dedicated to pointing out scams and fake news articles, said it probably won’t do anything.

“This may have an effect on genuine satire sites like the Onion. However, I think the Facebook changes are aimed at fake-news click bait sites like National Report. These sites may claim to be satirical, but they are hardly deserving of the label. And, more and more fake-news sites have emerged in recent years,” said the website’s Brett Christensen in an e-mail.

He added: “And, despite the false news annotation that Facebook is promising to display on reported posts, many people will likely share them anyway.”