Sarah Palin’s Son Arrested After Allegedly Punching Girlfriend, Brandishing Assault Rifle

January 20, 2016 Updated: January 20, 2016

Sarah Palin’s oldest son was arrested the night before she gave her endorsement to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Track Palin, 26, an Iraq combat veteran, was arrested by police in Wasilla, Alaska after officers arrived at the Palin family home and found Track’s girlfriend cowering under a bed. 

Court documents indicate that the 22-year-old girlfriend, who is not being identified at the moment, said she was punched in the eye and kicked by Palin before he brandished an AR-15 rifle and pointed it at his own head.

The argument, which was apparently over Track’s girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, culminated in Track threatening to commit suicide, shouting “Do you think I won’t do it?”

Palin told officers that he was furious because his girlfriend was “maintaining contact” with her ex-boyfriend.

The Wasilla Police Department confirmed to Gawker that officers arrested Palin after he “committed a domestic violence assault on a female, interfered with her ability to report a crime of domestic violence, and possessed a firearm while intoxicated.”

Palin is being charged with fourth degree domestic violence, interfering with a domestic violence report, and misconduct involving weapons.

He posted $1500 bail after being arraigned. He’s due in court on February 19.

The incident came less than 24 hours before Sarah Palin made her high-profile endorsement of Trump, who basked in the endorsement and bragged about how dedicated Palin’s followers are.

Track Palin was married in May 2011 but divorced a little over a year later. He and ex-wife Britta Hanson have a daughter together.

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