Sarah Jessica Parker: What Chris Christie Should Have Said After Bridge Scandal Was Revealed

February 4, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Sarah Jessica Parker outlined what she thinks New Jersey Governor Chris Christie should have said after the scandal involving lane closures on the George Washington Bridge was first revealed.

“When he kept talking about the betrayal he felt, and what I kept waiting for him to say, which I think would have done enormous goodwill for him at that moment, was ‘I regret that I ever set a tone in my office that it made it seem to anybody who was working with me, subordinate or not, that any of this kind of behavior was acceptable,” Parker said, referring to Christie’s first press conference about the scandal. “And he never really said that.”

Parker was discussing the case on MSNBC.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski, a friend of Christie’s, said that Christie “could’ve gone bigger with that” but that “he did say I’ve got to do a lot of soul-searching.”

Parker wasn’t pleased, saying Christie didn’t go far enough, TPM reported.

“What you have to say is the fish stinks from the head down,” she said. “‘I am a leader and I set a tone in an office that made this somehow seem acceptable, amusing.”

Parker than asked Brzezinski amid her “sentimental feelings” toward Christie what she thought was missing from the press conferrer.

“There were a couple of things missing,” Brzezinski said. “I think, how it all — I know what was missing. When he said that Bridget Kelly was fired that he fired her on the spot –“

“He never had a conversation with her?” Parker suggested.

“Yeah, what? That’s not the guy I know,” Brzezinski said.

Parker is a Democratic donor who once hosted a fundraiser in her West Village home for President Barack Obama.



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