Sarah Geronimo Matteo Guidicelli Latest News: Sarah G Finally Admits That Matteo is Her Boyfriend

Sarah Geronimo has admitted that the rumors about a relationship between her and Matteo Guidicelli are true.

The speculation heightened after Guidicelli admitted that he calls Geronimo “mahal” after the actor mistakenly sent a text message meant for Geronimo to director Wenn Deramas, who then made the message public.

Sarah G has now admitted to ABS-CBN that Guidicelli is her boyfriend.

“Matteo is my boyfriend,” she said.

Initial rumors about their relationship began last July after Matteo was reportedly the only entertainment personality at Geronimo’s private birthday party.

YES! magazine reported that the pair were a couple in February but neither confirmed the news until now. 

Geronimo performed with Guidicelli during her recent concert series in the United States. 

The admission by Sarah came during a party for “Maybe This Time.”

Leading up to this premiere of the film, she had said discussing her personal life during time meant to promote the film would be disrespectful.

Matteo previously discussed dealing with Sarah’s parents.

“As long as we respect the parents, that’s the most important thing. And to not do anything outside, not to do anything rude,” he said.

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