Sara Murphy, Extreme Weight Loss: Kentucky Little Person Photos, Pictures, Videos

Extreme Weight Loss returns to ABC on August 12 with the first little person featured.

Sara Murphy, 39, lives in Owensboro, Kentucky.

ABC says that although she often jokes about being “vertically challenged” at 4’5″, Sara has faced a lifelong struggle with both her height and weight.

“Sara is nearly 150 pounds overweight. Believing her weight is holding her back from her true potential, Sara wrote a letter to trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell asking him for help,” it said.

Sara was made fun of while growing up because of her height, and the weight gain made it worse.

“Though she belongs to a large and supportive family, fitting in with her siblings and friends was always difficult. At 26, in a fit of frustration, Sara decided to join a convent, hopeful that answering to a higher calling would help her find her place in the world. Unfortunately, she felt she wasn’t accepted as a nun, either, and decided to leave after six years,” ABC said,

Photo: Tonight is the night!! Join Sara on her incredible journey of transformation at 8/7c on #abc!! Watch her accomplish things she only dreamed of in the past!! (And break some Extreme Weight Loss records ;) you're not going to believe what she looks like now!!!





Sara currently works for the Green River District Health Department in a program called HANDS (Health Access Nurturing Developmental Services), where she is a family support worker and certified state trainer. 

Chris will take Sarah on and help her achieve a large weight gain.

He challenges her to complete a half marathon–the equivalent of a full marathon for someone of regular height.

Rocco DiSpirito will stop by to teach Sara how to make healthier versions of her favorite Tex-Mex dishes. 

Extreme Weight Loss airs from 8 p.m. EDT for two hours.



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