San Francisco 49ers Draft Pick Saved Girl at a Party, Her Dad Takes to Twitter to Thank Him 4 Years Later

By Venus Upadhayaya, Epoch Times
April 29, 2019 Updated: April 29, 2019

At a party at the University of Arkansas four years ago, Dre Greenlaw saved a girl after an unknown man mixed something into her drink. Four years later her dad took to Twitter on April 27 to thank and encourage the man.

The 49ers selected 21-year-old Greenlaw in the fifth round of the 2019 NFL Draft on Saturday but four years ago he was an underage freshman when the incident happened, reported Fox News. 

Greenlaw was attending a kegger when Gerry Dales’s daughter was debilitated.

“My daughter went to a college party when she was a freshman. She knew very few people at the party, and also didn’t have a ton of experience drinking,” Dales wrote on Twitter.

“Someone slipped something into her drink when she wasn’t paying attention,” he said.

Dales said Greenlaw had known his daughter since high school. She was a cheerleader and he was a football player.

But on the day of the party, the friends didn’t know the man who was around Dales’s daughter. “And when that guy tried to steer my daughter out the front door, he stopped the guy and said, ‘She’s not going anywhere,'” Dales wrote on Twitter.

Dales said Greenlaw risked everything on that day for his daughter.

“He was a starter on the Razorbacks. His place was not secure. He was underage and at a kegger. He wasn’t drinking, but if there was a fight he was risking getting thrown off the team. In some ways, he was risking everything,” he said.

The grateful father said because Greenlaw was around, the unknown man “backed down” and was never seen again. He said he couldn’t thank the young man publically when the incident happened because he was underage.

“I didn’t ever tell this story, because maybe someone would say “Oh, he shouldn’t have been at that party.” Maybe not. But he had my daughter’s back, and for that, I will always owe him. So, do me a favor. Root for Dre. He’s a good kid with a good heart,” Dales wrote on Twitter.

Dales tweet has been sent around 1,800 times and liked over 5,000 times. “My heart was in my throat for that story. Good for him, and here’s hoping for all the best for him and your daughter,” a user, Jerry Pringle, responded to Dale’s Twitter message.

“Young Mr. Greenlaw sounds like a great guy and I am happy he’s a 49er. Sometimes it’s not only about talent but the quality of the person,” said Kal-El (Luis), another Twitter user.

Talking later about the incident with NBCSports, Dales’s said, “Thank God someone was looking out for her.” “Thank God that there are good people in this world like Dre. Please tell him thank you,” said Dales.

Dales said he’ll root for Greenlaw wherever he goes. “I was hoping he would become a Giant,” Dales said. “That’s my team, and they need a guy like him on and off the field.

Greenlaw recorded 321 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, four sacks and three interceptions over four seasons with the Razorbacks, According to the 49ers website.

The website mentions that his “speed and athleticism” will help him standout out on the team.

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