Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: Insanely Thin, Gorgeous Tablet

By Weston Lanpher
Weston Lanpher
Weston Lanpher
October 2, 2015 Updated: October 2, 2015

Have you ever wanted the Android version of the iPad? You know, the good looks, reliable performance, solid build quality, and slim form factor? Well, Samsung has the tablet for you: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

Where Samsung has been going crazy with the S6 edge and S6 edge+, they have done quite the opposite with their high end tablets. The S2 is a product of a wise, subdued, responsible company who wants nothing more than for you to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect top end tablet for your home, now is your time.



The S2 is actually noticeably different when compared to the first generation; the screen ratio has been changed from the widescreen display to a squarer 4:3 ratio which is the norm for Apple tablets. This means the S2 isn’t as fantastic for movie viewing in landscape mode but it does better for pretty much every other task, including just holding it.

The back of the S2 has been changed as well; the silly dimpled back plate has been replaced with a simple, flat plastic cover. The same colors are available but the change in material gives the S2 a better feeling of quality and of purpose as opposed to being cheap and just a toy. Samsung definitely continues their progress in the design department.


What It Does

The S2’s defining feature is the screen. It’s a Quad HD Super AMOLED display which means tons of pixels and amazing color contrast, especially when it comes to seeing black on it. Video looks amazing and even though 4k displays are becoming very common on TVs, most content available is not optimized for 4k so you’re not going to missing anything anytime soon. With the slim form factor, you’ll be able to enjoy your videos without any aches. A decent battery life means hours of consuming video content to your heart’s desire.

The S2 comes with the same ole software Samsung has on its current flagship smartphones. Bloatware is still there but nowhere near the mess it used to be. It also supports side by side app multitasking which is always a nice feature to have on a tablet and coupled with the still stellar specifications, the S2 will be able to handle all the multitasking you could possible throw at it. Meanwhile, the camera is still pretty good but please, don’t take pictures with your tablets.

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