Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Price, Specs

By Rajasingan Jawahar
Rajasingan Jawahar
Rajasingan Jawahar
May 30, 2014 Updated: May 30, 2014

Categorized by the company as the latest mid-sized tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat and features Samsung’s custom TouchWiz UI. Often misunderstood as an operating system, the TouchWiz Interface is installed in Samsung’s range of phones and tablet devices, and not available for third-party licensing.

Offered at $399.99, with a discounted initial rate of $369.99, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 has an 8.4-inch WQXGA SC-LCD 1600 x 2560 pixel, 359 ppi, more “natural” TFT LCD screen instead of the usual AMOLED. The display is crisp, while the design is attractive with rounded corners and tapered edges, making it easy to hold.

The Galaxy Tab 8.4 features a 16:10 aspect ratio making it easy for watching TV. It has 2 cameras: front (2 MP) and back (8 MP) with an LED flash.

With 16GB internal memory and 2GB RAM, the Galaxy Tab 8.4 has a 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor. Carrying the usual assortment of ports and buttons, the task-management and navigation keys are placed at the bottom along with a slightly raised home button.

The Pro has a faux leather exterior similar to the Note 3. Weighing just 11.7 ounces, it measures 8.62-inch long x 5.05-inch wide with 0.28-inch thickness. Compared to the Note’s 8-hour 3200 mAh battery, the Pro has 4800 mAh battery for 10 hours of Internet, 12 hours of continuous video watching and 127 hours of music.

The Pro comes with Google Keyboard and Swiftkeys options, and has many multi-tasking capabilities. Open the app tray by swiping from right to left, and users can tap on the apps to open up an overlaid window that can be resized and moved. The eye-sensor maintains constant screen brightness as long as the user is looking at the screen, and pauses videos when the user is looking away.

Apps can be placed next to each other or stacked just like Windows folders. Pre-loaded ones include Rsupport Remote PC to access your desktop, TV remote controller WatchOn, e-Meeting with document sharing options and another business meeting app, WebEx. It has Wi-Fi for connecting to printers, but the interface is not quite as smooth as Apple’s iPad.