Samsung Galaxy S6 Has an Awesome New Feature, Built-In Wireless Charging

April 14, 2015 Updated: April 14, 2015

Samsung on Monday released a new TV commercial for the Galaxy S6 that focuses on one of the phone’s main features… but the company is not pushing the novel curved display of the Galaxy S6 edge model and is instead focusing on something more useful.

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The new 30-second ad shows one of the Galaxy S6’s defining features: built-in wireless charging. The Galaxy S6 isn’t the first Galaxy handset to come with wireless charging support, but unlike previous models, buyers don’t have to make any changes to their devices so they can charge them without any wires.

Instead, the Galaxy S6 has a built-in battery that comes with wireless charging powers, with Samsung already stocking a special wireless charger in its Galaxy S6 accessories inventory.

Moreover, the company has also partnered up with Ikea on this wireless charging initiative, with the latter already launching new pieces of furniture that come with built-in wireless chargers.

The video, which says that built-in wireless charging is “next” for the Galaxy S line, follows below.

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