Samsung Galaxy S5 Expected to Feature Whopping 4 GB of RAM

December 31, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to feature 4 GB of RAM, a first for a mobile phone.

The yet-to-be-officially announced phone is slated to carry a new memory chip announced by the company.

The 20-nanometer RAM chips will offer 50 percent better performance than LPDDR3 RAM while consuming less power, according to Samsung.

“With the new chip, Samsung will focus on the premium mobile market including large screen UHD smartphones, tablets and ultra-slim notebooks that offer four times the resolution of full-HD imaging, and also on high-performance network systems,” it said.

Also, a report from Korea-based IT Today said that the Galaxy S5 will have 8 GB of low power double data rate 4 (LPDDR4).

The announcement and report appear to confirm that the new DRAM was developed for the S5, which is projected to be unveiled sometime in 2014.



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