Samsung Follows Apple’s Lead

By Jeffrey Thompson, Epoch Times
February 20, 2014 Updated: February 20, 2014

If the rumors are correct, Samsung will be rolling out a finger-print scanner with features similar to Apple’s iPhone 5. 

According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S5’s home button will feature a thumb-print scanner. Users will have to swipe their thumbs from the bottom to the top, similar to thumb-scanners found on laptops, and it will be located on the home button. So, the Galaxy S5’s home button might have a dual functionality, serving both as a home button and finger-print scanner much like the iPhone’s home button. 

An added feature that will be available on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the ability to lock apps and documents with the thumb scanner, it will also hold up to eight different thumb scans.  The additional thumb scans should work well with the multi-user feature for Samsung tablet devices—unfortunately we do not know if Samsung will be releasing thumb scanners for its tablets any time soon. 

Samsung should debut the Galaxy S5 next Monday, Feb. 24, at the Mobile Word Congress, which is being held in Barcelona, Spain. 

Other features rumored to be on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a larger screen, measuring 5.2 inches, and a higher resolution, as reported by the Financial Post.

Apple is expected to use the thumb-scanner as a means to verify a user’s identity in place of signatures for a future mobile-payment solution. This step by Samsung, to include a finger-print scanner in the Galaxy S5, could be placing them in position to follow suit with Apple into the mobile-payment market.