Salman Khan Net Worth, Latest News: Bollywood Actor Heads to Los Angeles for Medical Exam

Famed Indian actor Salman Khan is missing the Ganpati festival in Mumbai to go to Los Angeles, California for an annual medical check-up.

A source told an Indian tabloid of the plans, according to India Today.

“The actor has gone to Dubai from where he will travel to Toronto for a show and then to LA for his routine medical check-up,” the source said.

“It is a annual medical check up that the actor has gone for.”

The actor underwent treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and a brain aneurysm back in 2011, according to the website. Following that treatment he was advised to undergo an annual medical check-up.

Khan, one of the most famous actors in the country, has just finished filming promotions for Bigg Boss 8.

There are reports that Khan demanded Rs 3.5 crore for just the Biss Boss 8 premiere, which is scheduled to be held in London next month, according to

“Organisers of the Bigg Boss 8 event and Colors have agreed to pay Salman Khan Rs 3.5 crore for the premiere, which is less than his fees per episode. But the biggest news which has come as a shock is that Salman has even demanded for Rs 50 lakh for his staff’s travel and accommodation,” it said.

“But some reports also say that the fee charged by Salman is not for Bigg Boss 8’s premiere, but for the inauguration of a banquet hall in London.”

Khan is worth an estimated $200 million, according to Emirates247.

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