Sally Hardesty Actress Marilyn Burns Dead; Starred in Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film (True Story?)

Marilyn Burns, who played Sally Hardesty in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, was found dead at her home in Texas on Tuesday.

Burns character Hardesty was the only survivor of Leatherface’s rampage in the 1974 horror film.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the movie was not based on a true story, according to Live Sci Fi, although the blog noted that there was a killer in Wisconsin, Ed Gein, who actually wore a real skin mask.

Burns’ cause of death is not yet public, reported TMZ.

Burns also had cameos in the 1994 and 2013 reboots of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and also acted in the 1976 movie Helter Skelter.

She died at age 65.

Fans took to Twitter to mourn the death.

“Rest in peace, Marilyn Burns,” said one.

“RIP Marilyn Burns. A true pioneer in screaming and running away from madmen,” said another.

“RIP Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Marilyn Burns. You had one of the best panic-faces in all of cinema,” said yet another.


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