SALES Is Not a Four Letter Word

February 12, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

You’ve listened to sales tapes by Sandler Sales, read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and attended countless conferences with aims to get better at sales. And yet, when it’s time to talk money, something in you recoils like a 5-year-old scared of getting the cooties. In truth, we are selling all the time. It might not always be for an exchange of money, but anytime you’ve convinced someone to do something for you, you’ve sold them. So, why are sales such a roadblock for so many business owners? Below is how to get unstuck and move faster towards profit.

The Power Of Storytelling. As you might know, storytelling plays a huge role in sales. It’s the picture you draw for people that gets them excited about working with you. What problems can you eliminate? What would life be like for your customer without having that constant burden? Now, many times when people think of sales and storytelling, they think of the slicked-back-hair car salesman who tells a sob story about his home going in foreclosure and needing to close the deal today. But, sales is only as slimy as you make it. It can be simply a genuine exchange of information that lets the other person see the value your service or product can bring to their lives.

Barter, Then Sell. If you know that the thought of asking for money gives you the shivers, then start by bartering. Bartering services with a referral source (someone who can later send you prospective clients) is a great way for you to work your sales muscles, while also letting others experience your work so they can better recommend you. Clearly, your company or career cannot survive on barter alone, so limit yourself to a number and document your steps. What did you do for the referral source to agree to barter services with you? Repeat the exact same steps, and when you start to sell, finish the conversation with pricing instead.

Sales Is All About Confidence. Most people falter at the finish line. They have a great conversation about the value they can provide, but when it’s time to talk about pricing, their mouths turn into an awkward, fumbling mess. Before going into any sales conversation, be 100% certain on your pricing and value – this will help you know what you would charge. It’s not enough to know that your package or program costs $1195 per month. You should know the exact pricing for every element in your package or program, so that if your prospect wants a custom service, you’ll know exactly what to charge. But if you’re not sure, simply give a range and assure your prospect you’ll get back to them with a proposal within 24 hours.

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