Safety of Absentee Ballots

November 30, 2020 Updated: November 30, 2020

First, I just want to say how much I appreciate The Epoch Times. It’s refreshing to get the news that isn’t speculative.

I read this article and it really hit a note with me: “Midwest Voters Share Reactions to Election, Scrutiny of Vote Counts” by Cara Ding [published online on Nov. 6].

I have friends across the country, and I’ve heard from them about receiving, for instance, five ballots in the mail. What’s to stop them from filling out all five ballots? In Nevada, everyone was mailed a ballot—how did that work out? We are seeing that mistakes were made there, too. I think an even more important question than who wins the election is, can we do elections like this again? Because now that it’s been done, I don’t see how we can undo [allowing] future mass absentee ballots easily.

I’m surprised to see little news (from all sources) about how absentee ballots are verified or audited. All I have seen (and I could have missed things) is that they are counted without challenge. I would love to see The Epoch Times really dig into the state-by-state requirements on absentee voting and how people circumventing these processes are stopped or not stopped. I wonder if people are afraid to cover this topic? We need the truth on this issue. It’s vital to our voting process.

Thank you for your time,

Karen LaSalvia