Sadie Robertson Update: Duck Dynasty Star Posts New Pictures With Friends

December 14, 2014 Updated: December 14, 2014

Sadie Robertson has been busy since she returned home from Dancing With the Stars, bonding with her family, engaging in several projects, and also spending time catching up with friends.

Robertson was in Los Angeles for several months while competing on DWTS, ultimately finishing second with partner Mark Ballas to Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson.

Robertson, 17, is one of the youngest contestants in the 19 seasons of the show, and stunned fans by rocketing past early favorites into the finals thanks to her dancing skills and fluid movements.

She and Mark also notably took a modest approach to dancing, providing a contrast to the other teams which regularly had provocative numbers. 

Around the time that Sadie arrived home after the competition, she announced a new line of “Daddy-approved” prom dresses with designer Sherri Hill, posting several sneak previews.

She also announced that she joined the “Love is Project” on Indie GoGo, which seeks to empower African artists by spreading a bracelet made by women in Kenya.


A photo posted by @legitsadierob on


A photo posted by @legitsadierob on


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A photo posted by @legitsadierob on


A photo posted by @legitsadierob on

“The LOVE Bracelet not only provides sustainable jobs and income for our mums, but also gives you as a backer a unique way to meet new people and connect over a common thread while influencing a social movement. #loveisproject: the art of love in motion across the world,” the project description says.

Sadie posted a picture of herself wearing one of the bracelets.

“To me, LOVE is something that everyone has but not everyone accepts it. God is love and loves all, but sadly we don’t always accept it. It’s never to late! Love one another! It’s honestly the greatest feeling in the world to love and be loved,” she said. “I’m happy to join the #loveisproject & wear my bracelet the women in Kenya made to represent love.”

Sadie hasn’t yet announced what her next venture is, but Ribeiro revealed on the DWTS finale that she’s been invited to go on the Dancing With the Stars tour part of the time. 

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