Sadie Robertson Will Launch a New Line of Prom Dresses with Sherri Hill (+Pictures)

November 21, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Sadie Robertson says that she’s going to have a new prom dress line coming out soon.

Sadie is collaborating with Sherri Hill, the Texas-based designer that she linked up with to display more modest prom dresses at New York Fashion Week.

Sadie, 17, wanted to launch a line of dresses that didn’t show as much skin, she said in her recent book Live Original.

“Over the past several years, prom dresses have become more and more immodest–some are totally shocking,” she wrote. “I’m not surprised Dads would be nervous about them.”

Hill’s team allowed Sadie and her mother to look over their catalogue of designs. Sadie then chose 15 designs but made alterations to them, such as making the dress longer or pulling the neckline up.

Sadie’s collection with Hill is called “Live Original” as well. She refers to them as “Daddy Approved.”

While Sadie seeks to provide more modest dresses, she emphasized that “I was not looking to create a line of floor-length, turtleneck, denim dresses.”

“I just knew there could be something in between that and the super-revealing dresses,” she said. “Dresses that would be beautiful and that girls would want to wear, but also dresses dads would be proud for their daughters to walk out the door in on prom night.”


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Sadie revealed this week to her fans via Instagram that she will be coming out with a new prom dress line with Hill, although she didn’t say when the dresses would be available. 

“Plenty of pretty dresses coming ya’ll’s way soon,” she said.

Sadie showed her low-key nature in one of the pictures, paring roller skates with a dress.

She said in her book that Sherri gave her a pair of Converse high tops to wear with one of the dresses when it came time to do a photo shoot with the first line.

“I loved that,” she said. “It was such a great visual for the whole idea of living original, and it captured so much of who I am.”

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