Sadie Robertson Boyfriend Blake Coward Visits Her in Los Angeles (+Pictures)

November 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Sadie Robertson’s boyfriend Blake Coward went to Los Angeles to visit her as she prepared for another week of Dancing With the Stars.

Robertson, 17, and Coward, 18, have a long distance relationship already–she lives in Louisiana and he lives in Alabama, although he currently attends Harding University in Arkansas–but it’s been made even longer with her living in LA while she competes in season 19 of “DWTS.”

Sadie shared a picture of she and Blake hanging out, saying “Look who came to visit me” with a smiley face emoticon.

Sadie has shared in the past that she and Blake don’t get to spend a lot of time together but stay connected through video chat and other technology.

Sadie opened up a little about Blake in an interview with Us Weekly while promoting her new book, “Live Original.”

“We’ve been dating for 10 months now, so he’s like a part of the family,” she said.

“When I’m in Louisiana, it’s a seven-hour drive away, and when I’m in L.A., it’s more like 32 hours. Basically, we’re best friends. He’s a great guy who really has a heart searching for God. He’s not perfect but he strives to be, and that’s all I can ask for. He’s really good at being kind.”

(Sadie Robertson/Instagram)
(Sadie Robertson/Instagram)


(Sadie Robertson/Instagram)
(Sadie Robertson/Instagram)


Sadie and Blake have decided not to have pre-marital sex, which is one of the topics Sadie touches on in her book.

She has rules to help them, such as staying out of each other’s bedrooms and praying before each date.

“Here’s the deal: People are like, ‘It must be easy for you because you’re Christian.’ That doesn’t make it any easier for me. And it’s something a couple really has to decide together,” she said.

“I think it’s important for a teenager to hear it from another teenager, like, ‘Hey I’m doing it too,'” she added to Inside Edition.

She also said that she’s not sure if she’ll end up marrying Blake.

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