Sad Dog Waits for Rescuer’s Return Every Day, Then Woman Shows Him the Man’s Casket

May 22, 2019 Updated: May 29, 2019

The photos and video of a dog mourning the loss of its human companion have gone viral, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Professor Carmelito Marcelo was a teacher at Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, Philippines, and he had a very special four-legged companion called Buboy. He had been a stray dog in Manila four years earlier, and the professor had connected with him, taking him under his wing. Buboy would turn up at the campus every day and lie at the feet of the teacher, ever faithful. The professor rewarded the dog’s loyalty by caring for him, providing him with food and friendship.

Bestfriends bonding.#BuboyAndSirMarceloCredit to the owner

Ma Kristina Paola Demafelix 发布于 2019年5月21日周二

Tragedy struck one day when Marcelo suffered a stroke and was rushed to a hospital, where he was in intensive care for a fortnight before passing away on May 18, 2019. During this period back at the school, one of Marcelo’s work colleagues, Ma Kristina Paola Demafelix, began to notice Buboy would turn up at the faculty room, scratching the door and waiting for the professor.

Ma Kristina Paola Demafelix 发布于 2019年5月20日周一

In a post on Facebook, she wrote: “Everytime I saw you buboy, I feel like crying … lose a pet dog, it hurts,” as per a translation.

In the same post, she further explained that it was clear Buboy was confused when his master didn’t come to the university, and the poor pooch couldn’t express his feeling and all the pain, as he was completely unaware of the tragedy that had struck.

However, the faithful dog still waited patiently for his return.

Demafelix realized that Buboy needed some closure, as he’d stopped seeing his professor and had to know why the professor had stopped coming to take classes.

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” ―M.K. Clinton The Unconditional love ofBUBOY & SIR MARCELO!❣️

Mark Christian Pineda Arceo 发布于 2019年5月20日周一

Marcelo shared a very deep bond with Buboy and thought of the stray as his own family, as per his sister-in-law, according to CBN News.

So naturally, Buboy would miss him. This is when Demafelix took the decision to take him to Marcelo’s funeral to help him understand that the professor would not be coming back.

Mark Christian Pineda Arceo 发布于 2019年5月20日周一

When Demafelix brought Buboy to the professor’s funeral, it was heartbreaking for others to see his reaction. Mourners would lift up the dog to see Marcelo, and he would stare at the coffin, refusing to put his legs down and not wanting to leave. Then he sat patiently beside the coffin when he realized his master was lying there.

People comforted Buboy, offering him food and plenty of rubs.

Ma Kristina Paola Demafelix 发布于 2019年5月20日周一

Ma Kristina Paola Demafelix 发布于 2019年5月20日周一

When Marcelo’s coffin was taken away, Demafelix made a promise to look out for Buboy, and she would make sure he could remain at the school. Netizens felt the pain Buboy was experiencing, and the heartbreaking video of him went viral on social media, with many expressing compassion for Buboy.

He is back at school, and although he’s not likely to forget Marcelo soon, Buboy is sure to feel comfort in the care and compassion of the students and teachers.

According to an update posted by Demafelix on May 22, Buboy is back at the school and was given a bath, and is said to be doing well.

With time, hopefully he will begin to enjoy life again. With the whole school looking out for him, he is sure to feel the love.

Watch the tear-jerking video:

Buboy, the dog who waited for his owner who passed away

WATCH: This dog broke the hearts of netizens after he was seen standing by the door of a room in Mabalacat City College while waiting for his owner, Professor Carmelito Marcelo, who passed away on Saturday. “Ang hirap makita na hinihintay niya ang amo niya na lumabas ng faculty room, pero hindi nya alam na wala na amo niya,” uploader Mark Christian Arceo said. This morning, the students of Mr. Marcelo brought the dog to the wake of his beloved owner. (Videos and photos courtesy of Mark Christian Arceo)

Philippine Star 发布于 2019年5月20日周一