Russian Reporter Punched in the Face Live on TV

August 2, 2017 Updated: August 2, 2017

A Russian TV reporter’s live coverage was ruined by a rowdy passerby, who punched him and then proceeded to follow him.

The reporter who received the blow was Nikita Razvoz’zhaev, who works for TV station NTV, according to

The clip was uploaded to YouTube, where it has since gone viral.

Razvoz’zhaev was doing a report from Moscow’s Gorky Park, covering Airborne Troops Day. Then, a bearded man enters the shot from the left.

The unidentified man can be heard cursing in Russian, saying he would “take Ukraine.”

Razvoz’zhaev told him not to interrupt, and continued with his report. The man responded with a punch.

The reporter is then seen walking away from the man as the drunk-looking man lurches after him, yelling.

Moscow police arrested the man. He had “no connection” to the Russian troops that were celebrating, police said. NTV’s website had called the man a “drunk paratrooper,” but that turned out to be incorrect.

“Listen, I’m ready to apologize and pay compensation,” the man, who was identified as Alexander Orlov by NTV, told the broadcaster. On the way to the police station and later behind bars, Orlov “did not stop the foul language.”

Airborne Troops Day involves former paratroopers and others gathering around the Moscow park. They “generally make merry, which often involves heavy consumption of alcohol and results in many jumping, swimming, and falling into water fountains,” as CBS News reported.