Rude Passenger’s Feet Ruin Woman’s Flight

September 19, 2017 Updated: September 19, 2017

Most people don’t like flying in planes—the tightly crammed seats, the loud crying babies, and the agony of sitting long periods of time — all make the experience a miserable one.

But it just got a whole lot worse for one passenger.

A woman identified as Jasmine Mays posted a video on Youtube showing just what made her flight even worse than it normally is.

The Youtube video reveals Mays seated on a plane in the middle of a flight. The footage, however, shows something not usually seen, a passenger’s bare feet right next to her.

Her expression shows it all, a mix of horror, shock, and disbelief as the presumably woman’s bare feet (it had colored toenails) lay right next to her within touching distance.

It is not known if the woman said anything to the rude passenger behind her as the short footage only shows her expression. One can only hope that the feet did not stay there for the whole flight.

But this is not the first time feet have ruined the day of a passenger.

Passenger Jessie Char who was flying on a Jetblue flight experienced the same horror.

In a Twitter post, Char revealed how the passenger behind her seat had placed her bare feet on Char’s armrests.

“I had intentionally left the armrests on my row up so that I can enjoy my expensive bench in the sky,” Char told CNN on AC360.

“But shortly after takeoff I noticed that one of the armrests kind of fell down. I thought it was a gravity situation, but when I looked over, I saw this serpentine set of toes willing out from the row behind me”, she said.

Under her Twitter post, Char wrote another tweet: “You guys will never guess what happened after that.”

“The left foot reached over and opened a window,” she said.

But Char told CNN that she did not confront the passenger herself, but did instead alerted a flight attendant.

“I waited for a flight attendant to come, but by the time somebody finally came over to me the feet kind of descended back from where they came,” Char said.

Char’s tweet on July. 19 has since gone viral, garnering over 30,856 likes and over 6,577 retweets.

One person on Twitter offered a simple, albeit cheeky solution to the problem.