Rough Ride for ‘Miracle Kitty’ – Survives Being Thrown Out of Car at 75mph

By Florian Godovits, Epoch Times

 This cat is a real survivor. No wonder they called her ‘Rambo’ – this little kitten was thrown out of a car at 75 mph. Robert Remberger drove behind the car of a couple when he saw the door of the car open and little ‘Rambo’ be thrown under the driving car. Remberger stopped his car and pulled back to find the tough little kitten in a devastated state. He picked it up and brought her to the Humane Society of Greater Kansas.

Miraculously the little one survived – with a bleeding nose and some other bruises. But the quote ‘Cats have 9 lives’ really goes for ‘Miracle Kitty’ Rambo!

 Watch the Video of the supercute little survivor-kitty here: