Rosie Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s Sister, Wears ‘Diva De La Banda’ Dress For Chiquis’ Music Video

February 12, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Rosie Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s sister, has made waves for wearing a dress from “Diva De La Banda” in the new music video of Jenni’s daughter Chiquis.

Rosie, who has look after Jenni’s estate since Jenni’s sudden death, wears the dress in the the music video for “Paloma Blanca.”

The song, from Chiquis, is based off of Jenni’s “Paloma Negra.”

Lupillo, one of Chiquis’ younger brothers, is one of those who has a problem with the arrangement.

“I would have not used that dress,” he told TV Notas. “I would have asked that they make a similar dress for her, but the one that my sister wore…I would not have done that.”

Chiquis has had problems with Rosie in the past but appears to have settled them enough to include her in the music video. 

Rosie did recently appear on Estrella TV to apologize to Chiquis.

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