Rose Fostanes, Caregiver from Philippines, Stuns X Factor Israel Judges (+Video)

November 2, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015


Nothing delights a talent competition crowd and judges more than a stunning voice emitting from an unexpected source. Here’s another crowd-pleaser.

When Rose Fostanes, a 46-year-old caregiver originally from the Philippines, stepped onto the stage to audition for “X Factor Israel,” the judges clearly didn’t expect much from her. But from the first note she sang of Shirley Bassey’s hit “This Is My Life,” she had them mesmerized. 

Fostanes lives in small house in Tel Aviv with three friends who are also caregivers. “I’m still single because I’ve been working for how many years, and I forgot to find somebody for me,” said Fostanes in her pre-competition interview.

“Maybe if I join and win this competition my life will be changed.” It may indeed!

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