How to Enjoy a Healthy, Memorable and Romantic Valentine’s Supper

February 10, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. How can we enjoy a healthy, memorable and romantic Valentine’s supper? It is well understood that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Fixing a romantic dinner at home for your loved one is a perfect way to make a special evening and control the cost and content of your meal.

One of my missions in life is to find wonderful menus, especially for specific holidays that are delicious, healthy, and fit the bill for a special, celebratory meal without undermining the desire to live a healthy lifestyle. I absolutely believe this is possible, it just requires some research and mindful decision-making.

What is not so easy is our willingness to change paradigms from over indulgence at a holiday meal to celebrating a holiday with special foods and menus that can be prepared in right-sized amounts. The former inevitably provides for a physical hangover the next day and lots of self-flagellation and recrimination. The latter allows us to enjoy the moment, celebrate the holiday with the added bonus of not having to pay for it the next day with pounds gained, body bloating and a sluggish mind.  Sounds so obvious which one we should prefer, right?  Not so easy unless the food and menu not only makes us feel better but it also provides a greater taste, visual appeal and is truly satisfying.

I recently fixed crab cakes over the December holidays and thought it was an easy yet special menu that fit with the need to serve something special and unusual, just right for a celebratory meal.

Here is a Valentine’s menu that can make for a special, romantic dinner. I chose recipes from sites on the Internet so they would be easy to find and use for everyone. Don’t forget to add some sexy music, easily found on Pandora or Spotify, some candles and maybe a vase of fresh flowers on the table to set the mood.

Romantic Valentine Supper


Pomegranate Sparkler (84 calories)

Lima Bean Dip with Crudité (122 calories)



Crab Cakes with

Roasted Vegetables and

Tangy Butter Sauce (calories 443)

Glass of Crisp White Wine (5 ounces = 120 calories)



 Poached Pears with Dark Chocolate Sauce (240 calories)

French Press dark roast decaffeinated coffee served with a cinnamon stick


Total calories for the meal are 1009.  It may be a shock to see the total calorie count of this meal. It is a wake up call for most of us. In reality, without planning we consume more than 4500 calories at a holiday meal. With oatmeal for breakfast and a salad for lunch we can enjoy a Romantic Valentine’s Supper and still be within our daily calorie goal.


To a Happy and Healthy Valentine’s Day filled with romance and memories!