RocketSkates: First Smart Wearable Mobility Device Straps to Shoes

August 20, 2014 Updated: August 1, 2015

Whether it is the meshed honey comb design, the color, or the shape,  at first glance the RocketSkates look like mini shopping carts strapped to your shoes. The difference is, this shopping cart will take you places at up to 12 mph. 

The RocketSkates are the world’s first smart wearable mobility device, say its developers, who are currently crowdsourcing support on Kickstarter.  

Lean the skates forward to accelerate, and backwards to slow down. 

The device is powered by lithium-ion batteries, and also comes with a microprocessor to synchronize the speed between the two feet.  

The ACTON App, monitors the RocketSkates via a smartphone. It provides diagnostics, battery, and route-tracking information. A software development kit (SDK) also allows app developers to use the RocketStick in their next app.  

The video below starts with a demo of the RocketSkates, and is followed by the co-founder and CTO of ACTON, Peter Treadway, explaining how they work. 

ACTON RocketSkates Kickstarter Campaign from ACTON on Vimeo.