Robert Vineberg (Robert Aaron) Knew Philip Seymour Hoffman But Didn’t Sell Him Heroin, Daughter Says

February 5, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Musician Robert Vineberg, one of four arrested in connection with Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death, had Hoffman’s number in his cell phone and knew the actor, his stepdaughter said.

But Vineberg, also known as Robert Aaron, did not sell Hoffman that heroin that is suspected to have killed him, Christina Soto said.

However, Soto did say that her stepfather was selling heroin from his Mott Street apartments to help make ends meet.

Police raided the two apartments, one of which was used as a music studio, on Tuesday night. They arrested Vineberg and three others. 

While Soto said she didn’t want to address whether Vineberg ever sold Hoffman heroin, she insisted that he didn’t sell Hoffman the heroin suspected in the death.

Vineberg “had nothing to do with what killed” Hoffman, she told the New York Post

She said her father knew Hoffman for a few months. 

Police arrested a Thomas Cushman who was with Vineberg, and of whom little is known.

They also arrested Max Rosenblum, a DJ, and his girlfriend and New School student Juliana Luchkiw. Both are 22 and live in the same building.

Soto said that police conducted the raid because ““someone saw them [Vineberg and Hoffman] together and must have told somebody. The only reason he got arrested is because Hoffman had something to do with him.”

Vineberg started selling drugs in November 2013, Soto said. She saw over 50 bags on recent visits.

Police found more than 70 bags of heroin in Hoffman’s apartment along with his body, and they found hundreds in Vineberg’s apartments.

Hoffman and Vineberg met because Vineberg did music for movies and commercials, Soto said.

Hoffman visited Vineberg’s apartments for espresso last fall, she said.

“My father thought of him very highly. He was a great actor and a wonderful man,” she added.

But she called Vineberg on Sunday after Hoffman was discovered dead.

“He said he hadn’t seen him since November,” she recalled.

“He said, ‘If he would have come to me, I would have told him to slow down, and if you’re going to do something, make sure you have someone with you.’”

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