Robert Horry: Ex-Lakers Player in Injury-Involved Accident

Robert Horry, the former Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs player, was involved in an accident in Los Angeles.

Horry, 43, was driving a car that collided with a motorcycle, leaving the rider in the hospital, according to CBS Los Angeles.

“(Horry) attempted to change lanes from the No. 1 lane into the (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane, crossing over the double yellow lines as (the motorcycle) approached (the Infiniti),” the CHP told CBS. “This movement caused (the Infiniti) to collide into (the motorcycle).”

Horry was driving a 2014 Infiniti that hit a Yamaha motorcycle on Tuesday during rush hour traffic.

The bike rider was identified as 44-year-old Xerxes Baldonasa of Long Beach.

Horry was not injured in the incident, it was reported.

During his lengthy career, Horry–known as “Big Shot Rob”–won seven NBA titles with the Spurs and Lakers. He also played for the Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns.