Rob Lowe and Sheryl Berkoff Married 21 Years: ‘Picked the Right Woman’

June 28, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Rob Lowe spoke on his relationship with Sheryl Berkoff–married 21 years now–about how she helped him steer clear of the partying lifestyle.

Lowe, who stars in “Parks and Recreation” and is playing John F. Kennedy in the movie “Killing Kennedy,” recently told The Australian that Berkoff helped him turn his life around.

“At that point I was either working really hard or partying really hard,” Lowe said of his life in the 1980s when he was involved in a sex scandal that adversely impacted his career.

He said, “If I wasn’t working and there was fun around I was going to find it. At the time, you know, the thought of fallout or consequences was not on my radar. A lot of that was to do with my age and living in the world of a teen idol.”

“I’m glad I’m out the other end of it,” Lowe added. “My life today is so much more interesting than it was back then … you just have to be with the right person.” 

Lowe continued: “It’s like everything else in life: casting is everything. I picked the right woman.”

The two met when Berkoff was a make up artist on the set of 1989‘s “Bad Influence.”

Earlier this month, the first photo for “Killing Kennedy” was released, showing Lowe mimicing a famous photo of Kennedy.

Ginnifer Goodwin will play former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the film. National Geographic will air the film in November.