Viral Video Shows Man Fends Wild Dogs Off With a Stick to Rescue Dying Kangaroo

April 11, 2019 Updated: April 11, 2019

An Australian man was walking along on his property when he noticed a kangaroo near his pond. It appeared to be in distress, so he went in for a closer look. He also saw a stray dog, which he chased away when he saw the kangaroo being attacked.

The kangaroo tried to get away and defend itself, but it did not have the strength due to its injuries. Upon closer inspection, he noticed several injuries on the Kangaroo. It appeared to have been attacked by the dog, which has hurt it pretty bad.

The man first tried to wrap the kangaroo in a blanket and carry it to safety, but the kangaroo was too heavy, and he had to lay it down on the grass. He instead laid down next to the kangaroo, and scratched its ears in order to calm it down and let the kangaroo know that he was not a threat.

He then started to clean up the little guy, After he cleaned hi up a bit, he tried a couple more times to get the kangaroo into his shed. It took awhile due to the fact that it was fairly heavy. When he got to the shed, he immediately went to the care for the Kangaroo.

He starts to treat its injuries, and makes sure that the kangaroo is doing well. While the video ends without showing for sure, it is believed that the kangaroo was able to heal from its injuries, and is living a pretty good life.

This goes to show that compassionate acts are still alive and well in this world. As more people see videos like this, they are able to encourage others to be more kind and thoughtful to the people, and animals, around them.

Video Credit: Newsflare