Rising Star TV Show: Duels on Sunday Night; April vs Sonnet, Adam vs Austin, Macy vs Gabrielle

The duels on ABC’s Rising Star began last Sunday, with six of the remaining performers battling to advance.

The duels continue on episode 5 on July 20.

Three pairs will face off. “Fan-favorites from the live auditions will once again go head-to-head, facing off against The Wall and each other,” ABC says.

First, April Lockhart will go against Sonnet Simmons.

“Young indy rocker April Lockhart impressed the experts with her vocals and guitar playing in her live audition, but will that carry her through to the next round? A haunting voice won over the experts and brought Sonnet Simmons to The Duels, but will she be able to wow everyone again?” the network previewed.

Next up will be Adam Jaymes vs Austin French.

Adam Jaymes Vs Austin French

“Heartthrob Adam Jaymes won over the ladies with his live audition, but will that be enough in The Duels?” the network teased. 

“Austin French set a high bar in his live audition with some classic Ray Charles, but will he stick with the classics with so much on the line?”

And finishing off the episode will be Macy Kate vs Gabrielle Nicole.

Macy Kate Vs Gabrielle Nicole

“Instagram audition and YouTube favorite Macy Kate tore the roof off with the highest scoring performance in Rising Star history, but she’s facing some of the strongest competition there is in The Duels.

“Performing with confidence in her live audition, young Gabrielle Nicole already has the experts saying she could win the whole thing. But to do that, she’s got to survive The Duels.”

After this episode, Rising Star will continue on Sunday, July 27 with the third and final episode of Duels before entering the quarterfinals.

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