RIP Lil Dame Messages Spread on Twitter, Vine as South Philly Mourns Death; Dion Waiters Comments

Lil Dame of Philadelphia is reportedly dead, with dozens of people mourning the loss on Twitter and Vine, among other places.

“Cous really gone, RIP Lil Dame,” said one Twitter user.

“Damn why they do lil dame like that…..” added another.

“Why they had to take lil cuz r.i.p lil dame,” said yet another.

Dion Waiters of the Cleveland Cavaliers also commented on the death.

“R.I.P lil dame smh we have to do better philly all these killings are getting out of hand!!!!!! #putTHEgunzDOWN,” he said.

It’s unclear at the moment how exactly Lil Dame was killed.

Apparently he was also known as “Da Deadend” and “Lemon.”

“We goin miss u out tasker baby gorilla #1OFAKIND #PIPDAME,” said another Twitter user.

People were sharing a video that Meek Mill posted on Vina back in June 2013 which shows Lil Dame riding a motorbike down the street.

Lil Dame says in the video that he was 14 years old at the time.

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