Rihanna, Chris Brown ‘Tape Leaked Today’ iPhone Video a Clickjacking Scam; Don’t Click it

February 20, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral Facebook post titled, “Rihanna & Chris Brown S xtape [sex tape] Leaked Today,” is nothing more than a scam.

The post originated a few months ago, but it appears to have gone viral again on Wednesday and Thursday.

“Chris brown is very angry on rihanna for not to take care of her iPhone,” the post reads, which is accompanied with a lewd image with a play button over it.

There’s no video, and when one clicks on the post, the user is redirected to a fake website that’s designed to look like Facebook.

One has to share the website first before seeing the content, but there isn’t any.

After that, the user is directed to complete surveys that are designed to obtain personal information.

It is not recommended to click on the Facebook post, share it, or fill out the survey. If you’ve shared or “liked” the post, you should probably delete it from your wall and “unlike it.”

Scammers will sell the bogus website to other scammers or online marketers. They can also make money via the bogus surveys.

Similar posts viral posts with fake videos are known to contain malware or rogue Facebook apps.

If you’ve downloaded a rogue Facebook app, access your Facebook application settings to remove the app. Find the “app” section and click the “X” on the right of the app’s name.